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Young Entrepreneurs Weekend Workshops

We’re dedicated to the Young Entrepreneurs movement. We’re introducing our younger generations to more tools and techniques to ensure successful futures for all students no matter what income level you were born in. – Courtney Makanjuola [flipbook pdf=””]

2019 Future Achievers™ “Young Entrepreneurs” Workshop

Summer is quickly approaching and we want our students to continue their learning quests. Future Achievers™ “Young Entrepreneurs” program provides middle and high school students valuable knowledge that will transform them into entrepreneurs. During this program students in grades 6-12 brainstorm business ideas, learn e-commerce skills, professional branding skills, graphic design skills, how to develop marketing […]

“Girl Power” Helping Young Girls Realize their Power.

Girl Power has finally arrived! We’re presenting our empower series that will cater to young girls ages 5-18 globally throughout the golden year of 2018. We are helping our girls and boys (series released soon) discover their beauty and power. We encounter countless young girls daily who suffer from insecurities and low self esteem. Social […]

The Birth of Future Achievers!

Future Achievers program was born in 2011. Yes, it literally has a birth date! While on my mission trip in Bogota, Colombia, I held a series of international art and children empowerment courses due to the level bordem and desolate demeanor of the children. I quickly realized that the more classes I held, the more […]