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The Birth of Future Achievers!

Future Achievers program was born in 2011. Yes, it literally has a birth date! While on my mission trip in Bogota, Colombia, I held a series of international art and children empowerment courses due to the level bordem and desolate demeanor of the children. I quickly realized that the more classes I held, the more the children’s self-confidence soared and they were nicer to each other! The bullying and class-ism and actually ceased! A communal spirit was fostered! It was absolutely amazing to witness the children walking back to their villages together peacefully! During this time there were hundreds of local stories about Children who’d attempted or actually committed suicide. I sat for hours wondering how I could impact the children in an unforgettable way. THUS, FUTURE ACHIEVERS WAS BORN! Our program is comprised of 4 Program Planners and 7 Influencers, umm Mentors or ahh Instructors. An INFLUENCER?? I know you’re wondering what’s that!! No Worries! I’ll explain keep reading. We prefer the “Influencer Title” because it’s less intimidating to our Students. Which allows our Influencers to quickly build a rapport with them. Our Student Influencers (Program Leaders) create a secure environment for our Students to be themselves while we give them an amazing relatable curriculum. In retrospect, Teachers are often viewed as Parents. Thus, making it a tad more difficult to be able to relate to their Pupils. I mean seriously speaking! How many of us viewed our Teachers as Parents away from home? **Slowly Raises Hand** Our Leaders to tackle Adolescent issues that children face daily while empowering them. Our programs have been proven to increase confidence and self-esteem, resulting in increasing test scores.

We’re not Teachers and don’t aspire to be! We are Influential Leaders within the community and created Future Achievers so that we can impact more youth within our communities. We want to be the change in the world and foster hope and power into our Future Achievers of society. Our “Beyond Illusions” Student Empowerment Program was created to address vital social topics that are often omitted during standard classroom time. Our common goal is to influence the masses by holding hundreds, thousands, and billions of classes. You get it! There are so many negative influences and illusions created in music, on television and on social media sites that leave unrealistic impressions on the minds of our youth. Our goal is to bring awareness to positivism, diversity and teach our youth that being well rounded, educated and well-traveled is the new cool. Our classes are upbeat, modern, informative and Invasive of the heart! Yes Invasive! We are here to shatter those normal teenage fears within our students! Our goal is to dive deep into the minds of students and influence the way they think, feel, and view themselves! Did you know that children who exude confidence are less likely to bully their counterparts? Our Multi-cultural program allows children to see self-representation in creative art. All programs incorporate BULLYING, DEPRESSION and much more! Did you know Michelangelo was Autistic and suffered from depression? Yet, he persevered to become one of the most world renown artists. We want our Students to be aware that the greatest achievers in life too faced adversity. Our students must know that they too are actually FUTURE ACHIEVERS! Coming soon to a classroom near you!

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